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Chair of Romance & Comparative Literature - Prof. Dr. Ute Fendler

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General Presentation – Master’s Degree in Francophone Studies: Africa multiple

The masters programme in Francophone Studies covers 4 semesters and is taught mainly in French.

With emphasis on a comparative approach, the programme is based on literary, cultural and linguistic productions that bring to bear the rich complexity of African and Afro-diasporic spaces.

Theoretical and analytic knowledges are combined with a practical approach to teaching in Digital Humanities and cultural events.

Candidate’s profile: The programme is tailored for holders of a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in French or French-language Literature and culture. A good knowledge of English and German constitute an added advantage.

  • Research, teaching and training
  • Publishing, library, archiving, museum
  • Journalism and media
  • Culture, events management, tourism
  • Public professions, diplomacy
  • Jobs in intercultural communication, in relation to French-speaking countries (multinationals, tourism, marketing…)

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