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IAS: Africa multiple and relational (International Workshop)

Foto: IAS Workshop 2017

Conference at University of Bayreuth - IWALEWA Haus 7.-10. December 2017

This International Workshop aims to transcend the regional logic that underlies the organization of African Studies, as e.g. in the European AEGIS network, the North American ASA, the African ASAA, or the Australia-Asia-Pacifi c Institute (AAPI). By bringing African, Asian, Australian, American, and European perspectives together and strengthening the exchange between African Studies centers, the International Workshop will foster forms of exchange that have so far only happened on a limited scale. In addition to casting a wider net by convening representatives of African Studies institutions, we also pursue thematic objectives, as expressed in the International Workshop title. How does the
wide range of approaches to the study of Africa on a global level refl ect the diversity of regional and multidisciplinary viewpoints? To what extent do methods and theories depend on regional or disciplinary contexts and on their particular relation to each other and to the African context?

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Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Farzam Abrishami

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