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Fakultät für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft

Lehrstuhl für Romanische Literaturwissenschaft und Komparatistik unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Afrikas – Professor Dr. Ute Fendler

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Digital Literature Festival


Two-day event: Digital Literature Festival

“Care, Responsibility and Solidarity:
Narrating Resistance in Arts, Academia and Activism”

As a spinoff of the AMC-Literature Festival, this digital workshop intends to feature very recent visual and verbal narrations from Africa and African-diasporic experiences about Covid-19 and respective challenges with respect to care and solidarity. In doing so, we intend to trigger a dialogue between African and African diasporic artists with actors from academia and activism. This digital one-day festival is designed to contribute to the Reflexive African Studies’ pillar of the Knowledge Lab, while referring to core concepts as featured by Research Sections, such as aesthetics and knowledge.

  • For the program of the Digital Festival, please click here.
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